Pre-/post-op Rehabilitation

Recovering from surgery doesn’t have to be difficult. We will work closely with your physician to establish a comprehensive pre-operative rehabilitation plan that will help you become as strong and mobile as possible prior to surgery, thus promoting a faster, easier recovery process.

We will guide you through your plan to make sure you understand it thoroughly. You will meet with our physical therapist for a personalized assessment of your current mobility status and your home environment. This will allow us to set up an appropriate home exercise program for you, which we’ll demonstrate during your first prehab visit. We’ll then follow-up during subsequent visits to ensure you’re on the path to the best possible recovery.

We will also use specialized pain management techniques to help alleviate discomfort and make the entire process go as smoothly as possible. At the conclusion of your treatment, we’ll help you transition you to a detailed gym and home exercise program to ensure you maintain your desired level of function.

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