• Spine Care: Our spine care specialists strive to reduce pain and mobility issues and restore health and function for people with spine, back, and neck pain and dysfunction.
  • Orthopedics: As we work with you on your joint, musculoskeletal, and movement dysfunctions, we make it our mission to help you to reach your goals in health and wellbeing as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Sports Rehabilitation: Athletes want results, and our staff is dedicated to helping them get back to the field, court, or track quickly and safely.
  • Dry Needling: Dry needling is a treatment technique that involves inserting a thin filament needle into soft tissues—such as muscle “trigger points,” fascia, tendons, and ligaments – to stimulate the healing process and relieve pain.
  • Aquatic Therapy: We’re excited to offer customized aquatic therapy programs tailored to our patients’ specific ages, injuries, severity of symptoms, and affected joints.
  • Pre- / Post-Op Rehabilitation: We will work closely with your physician to establish a comprehensive pre-operative rehabilitation plan that will help you become as strong and mobile as possible prior to surgery, thus promoting a faster, easier recovery process.